Fleet Card Program

In addition to our conventional fuel services, Wallis Companies offers a competitive fleet card program with some fantastic features. Whether you have a company that operates a fleet or you own one of our branded gas stations, you can benefit from our fleet card program.

How Fleet Companies Can Benefit from the Fleet Card Program

Regardless of the size of your fleet, you can benefit from our fleet card. It puts you in total control of your fleet’s fuel usage and allows you to better manage your vehicles, lower your fuel costs, and monitor driver usage. It’s not just a typical gas card – it’s a total fleet fuel solution. Some of the incredible benefits include:

  • Managing fuel use
  • Reducing unwanted spending
  • Saving money with valuable rebates
  • Saving time with online tools such as account access and reporting
  • Setting purchasing restrictions for fleets

Additionally, you can make use of accounting and reporting features to better manage your fuel expenses. The program offers security and control tools that allows you to restrict what types of fuel can be purchased, how much fuel can be purchased, and whether the card can be used in the store. With a fleet card through Wallis, you can avoid employee abuse of company credit cards.

How Our Wholesale Customers Can Benefit from the Fleet Card Program

Your customers are not the only ones who will benefit from this program. By choosing Wallis’ fleet card program, you gain numerous benefits that you won’t find elsewhere. Wallis offers lower transaction fees for you, lower fees for your customers, and higher rebates – benefits that cannot be matched by other, more generic fuel cards. Additionally, our wholesale customers can fund their own rebates or mirror the rebates offered by the fleet program. Your customers will love this program!

Commercial fleet card customers are generally the most loyal customers you will serve – it’s business that can always be counted on! These customers also carry a higher average spend than non-fleet card customers, both inside and outside of your store.

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