• Joe Guntli Jr.

    Image Coordinator


    How did I get started with Wallis and what is my job?
    I was referred to Wallis through my son Assistant Manager and a 5 yr employee at Wallis and his Manager Mark Brown. They saw a job they thought would fit my skillset and I applied and I was chosen for this opportunity. Now I am currently the Mystery Shop Image Coordinator and am very excited to be a part of the team and look forward to lending my talents and expertise to help raise the image and branding of our dealer sites

  • Durell Cotton

    Fuel Sales Manager


    Prior to joining the Wallis team, husband and father of two, Durell Cotton garnered many years of sales experience in the printing and logistics industries, striving to provide solutions and value at every stage of the process.


    “Recognizing and understanding your client’s business needs and daily pains is mission critical, to developing the right approach to problem solving.”

  • Dave Anthes

    Director of Fuels


    Dave started with Wallis in 2008 and works in all the regions we currently supply. He has been in the oil industry for over 28 years and has worked in the East Coast, West Coast, and Midwest markets. Dave focuses on branded retail, unbranded commercial fueling, and refinery supply and trading. Dave is committed to providing exceptional customer service and measures success by the success of our customers.

  • Nolan Keller

    Director of Wholesale


    Nolan Keller began working for Wallis in 2005 as a Manager Trainee at a Wallis-operated site in St. Peters, MO. Nolan managed several store locations before moving to the Wholesale Division in 2010 as a dealer Business Consultant. In May 2014, Nolan became Director of Wholesale.

  • Don Bartoni

    Business Consultant


    Don joined Wallis in 2006 as a Dealer Business Consultant around the time Wallis acquired BP assets in St. Louis. Before joining Wallis, Don spent 6 years in the equipment and fixture business, designing and building convenience store interiors. He prides himself on the ability to build strong business relationships with our customers and continues to work on solutions to strengthen that partnership.

  • John Sommer

    Business Consultant


    John got his start with Wallis in April of 2006. He has 20 years of experience in the petroleum and convenience store industries, both wholesale and retail – big oil and jobber. John’s expertise includes operations, maintenance, marketing, pricing, supply, P&L management, pre and post-acquisition, and divestments.

  • Julie Brooks

    Business Consultant & On the Run Franchise Specialist


    Julie started with Wallis in 1999 as a Territory Manager for company-operated locations. She began in the industry in 1985, working her way from overnight cashier up to management. In 2007, Julie joined Wallis’ wholesale division, bringing her store retail expertise to wholesale customers. She specializes in loss prevention and increasing store profits. Her passion for retail and making customers viable, long term, is her first priority.

  • Jack Reiner

    Director of New Business


    Jack originally started with Wallis in the Spring of 1978 while in high school. He came back to work for the company after graduating college and working for another company in 1989. Jack has had the opportunity to manage a store, supervise multiple stores, and work with our wholesale customers. Now he focuses strictly on working with new customers, existing customers, and new locations.

  • Tom Andre

    Fleet Manager


    Tom joined Wallis in September of 2012 and serves as a Fleet Manager covering both Illinois and Missouri. A graduate of Western Illinois University, Tom spent time as a police officer in DeKalb County, IL before working in asset protection and fraud investigations in the private sector. His background includes roles in loss prevention, credit, and wholesale marketing. He has spent over 30 years in the energy and convenience store industry.

  • Joe Trost

    Fuel Supply Manager


    Joe is a Fuel Supply Manager who began working for Wallis in July of 2013. He currently works with supply terminals locally and throughout the United States. Before Wallis, Joe spent eight years working for ExxonMobil in numerous branded and unbranded roles.